American Conquest Fight Back

American Conquest Fight Back 1.0

American Conquest Fight Back is a game of the real-time strategy genre
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American Conquest Fight Back is a game of the real-time strategy genre designed and produced by German CDV and Ukrainian GSC Game World, also developers of the Cossacks series. It is published by CDV. The game action is developed between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries in the Americas.

The game development and economic issues of American Conquest are shared with the previous GSC game entitled Cossacks: European Wars and its additionals. As in 'Cossacks', American Conquest allows the construction of a base from where the player will conduct military and economic activities to prepare the victory of a stage.

This title is the first independent official expansion pack for American Conquest. It includes new European nations like Russia, Portugal, Germany and Holland and 50 new American tribes, such as the Haida.

Besides, new campaigns are added by the Mayans, the Germans, the Haida, the Russians, the search for El Dorado and Indian revolutions against the British and there will be a new game mode: the battlefield. The campaign tells German briefly issuing Ambrosius Ehinger and Georg Hohermuth, while the Russian campaign focuses on the conquest of Alaska under the command of Alexander Baranov. The new campaign is Haida and it is their point of view of the Russian expedition. The Mayans campaign covers details of the Conquest of Yucatan by the Spaniards.

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